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Is your beloved pet's bed in desperate need of a refresh? At Washroom Laundry, we understand that your four-legged companions deserve the same level of comfort and cleanliness that you do. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our brand-new Pet Bed Laundry Service in Charlotte, North Carolina!

At Washroom Laundry, we understand that pets are family, and their comfort is just as important as yours. Say goodbye to pet-related messes and say hello to convenient freshness!

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25% Off for First Time Customers

Our dedicated team knows that pet beds can harbor all sorts of dirt, odors, and fur. We use high-quality detergents and wash techniques to ensure a thorough, pet-safe clean.

First Time Customers Get 25% Off!

Expert Care

Quick Turnaround

We understand that your furry friends can't wait for their favorite spot. That's why we offer a speedy next-day turnaround.

Affordable Flat Fee

No surprises or hidden costs. Enjoy our pet bed service for a flat fee of $45 with our free delivery.

Rest easy knowing that we can handle most medium and large pet beds up to a 36" L X 36" W.

Accommodates Most 

Let us help with your adorable mess-makers!

We know your pets love to bring the 'Great Outdoors' indoors!

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25% Off to First Time Customers!

Introducing Washroom Laundry's Pet Bed Services in Charlotte, NC!

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